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Studying Abroad is not for everyone. It takes a special individual to leave the familiar surroundings of their home country and venture to another country with unfamiliar people, culture, and surroundings. However, for those individuals that are ready to accept the challenges that come with studying abroad, there is a  world of adventure waiting. Becoming an exchange student affords you more than general knowledge about about the country your visiting. You will be immersed in the language and culture through the friendships, and will learn about tolerating the differences in others, while respecting their values and beliefs.

If you think you’re ready, we’d like you to consider our study abroad program. Students in our program develop self confidence, leadership skills, and a greater appreciation of the world around them. If you become an echange student, you’ll get to experience first hand all of the great things that makes the country you are visiting great: community, sports, food, music, clothing, and so much more.

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