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About Hosting

We at BCSI have all American homes that are ready to receive your International Student. An American homestay offers quality homes for your student.  Your student will receive a room with a desk and internet access.  Three meals a day and an opportunity to become a part of an American family.  It affords you the opportunity to grow in your English language skills while feeling safe and secure with a loving family. Our goal is to place your student in an American home that will help the student accelerate their English comprehension which will ultimately help them in the classroom.

Why Host
When you host a foreign exchange student, your entire family will enjoy the experience and create a life long friend. By hosting a student, you will be giving an young person from another country the opportunity of a lifetime–to live with your family and experience the language, customs and culture of our country. In return, your exchange student will share with your family his or her homeland. Students from ages 14 to 18 are looking for an opportunity to stay with a family that may be just like yours. Bethel Christian Schools International invites you and your family to participate in this memorable and valued cultural experience.

Native vs. Guest
Having an exchange student in your home is much like having an adopted teenage son or daughter from overseas. BCSI students are expected to share in the family chores and to participate in your family’s leisure activities. BCSI students want to learn about our country by living as a “native” rather than as a guest. And as your student experiences and responds to the new surroundings and day-to-day activities of your family and community, you will find a new way of looking at those things you often considered commonplace. Your family will also receive a fascinating cultural education about everyday life in your student’s home country.

Language Acquisition
BCSI students are at a minimum conversant in the language of their host country before their arrival, so your exchange student will be able to communicate with you and your family in your language with his or her own charming accent. By the end of the year, your student will be speaking your language almost fluently, and your family will probably be speaking some of your student’s native language as well.

Financial Obligation
If you are wondering about the cost of hosting an BCSI exchange student, you can put your mind at ease. You are compensated $1000.00 monthly for student expenses. BCSI students pay for their own airfare and provide their own medical and liability insurance. Spending money is the responsibility of the student and his or her natural parents. Your most important contribution is far from monetary.

Getting Started
To get started or to find out more about student hosting opportunities simply apply online. Your family will soon discover that hosting a student a school year or even a weeks will bring rewards lasting a lifetime.

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