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Bethel Christian Schools exist to provide a well-rounded, Christian-based education that will equip our students for success wherever God leads them.  We have been providing quality education in kindergarten through 12th grade since 1984. (Quality preschool care began in 1983.) You can click to see our parent organization Bethel Christian Center’s site.

In addition to top-notch academics, we believe that it is pleasing to God when we excel in the performing arts. Bethel’s students (of all ages) can take advantage of our programs in music and dance.  We also participate in athletic competition in grades 4 through 12.  Bethel Christian High School is a member of California Interscholastic Federation of athletes (CIF) Majestic League.

Our beliefs are Christian.  We teach that the Bible is the foundation for successful living but we do not insist that our students or their families proclaim faith in Christ.  We are also charismatic, meaning that we believe and teach that the occurrences attributed to the Holy Spirit in the New Testament still happen today, but we do not insist that our students or their families believe this way.

Being fully accredited with W.A.S.C. (Western Association of Schools & Colleges) means that BCS graduates can be qualified to apply for admission to ANY four-year university.  We are also a member of A.C.S.I. , the Association of Christian Schools International.

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